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Explore Gymnastics is a club focused on fun, fitness & friendship!


Founded 4 years ago by Carys, it began running out of community centres around East Cardiff. We’ve now evolved to a full time facility in Llanedyern whilst still maintaining the values we started with.


Our team are passionate about creating the best experience for every gymnast, whether they’re new to the sport, or our OG’s who have been with us from the beginning!

Once upon a time...

My love for gymnastics began at 4 years old where my cousin Leigh ran sessions at St Mellons Community Centre. It was a great place to burn off energy and have fun with my friends. The “gym bug” began and I moved up to a more advanced club. I was sad leaving my friends and favourite coach behind, but grateful for the opportunity. 


The sessions were long and tough and I cried multiple times each week. I dreaded coming to gymnastics and just felt like I didn’t belong. Although it didn’t last long, it had a profound impact on me. It made me realise I didn’t want to be the best gymnast there ever was. I just wanted to enjoy my classes and be part of the sport I had initially grown up loving.


Not long after, I found a local community club that was like a second family. It was all about fun and I made life long friends that I’m still in touch with to this day! I went on to work for the National Governing Body, Welsh Gymnastics where I made an impact in a new way and helped develop gymnastic clubs and leisure centres all over Wales.


With this experience, I wanted to be able to provide a club for the local community where I could share my love of gymnastics, focussing on the most important things to me that a club should be about: fun, fitness and friendship & Explore Gymnastics was born!

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